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The Health Insurance Industry Is The Biggest Detriment To The ACA Working As Intended

17 Feb

Lean Left

In 2009 when the Affordable Healthcare Law was being debated, I was fully in favor of it.  I am still fully in favor of it today, but we are seeing what happens when this kind of healthcare law is allowed to be run by insurance companies.  One year into the program, we are seeing over 7 million people who have never had healthcare before now insured.  However, there are still problems with the plan.

Some 26 states have refused to expand Medicaid in there states even though it won’t cost them anything for at least 3 years.  That is leaving millions of poor people still not covered.  It has also created a two-tiered system where your health is important in half of the states but not the rest of them.

Additionally, SCOTUS is going to rule on the subsidies that go along with the ACA to help working poor pay…

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Republicans Have Unveiled A Health Plan Of Their Own. Tip: Hide Your Wallets Because They Are After What Is Inside

6 Feb

Lean Left

It is time to wake up, the cows have finally come home!  With unbelievable timing, the Republicans suddenly have shown us a “replacement” to the Affordable Care Act.  Well, “replacement” is about all I could call it.  It is not very pretty.

The proposal was devised by Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, the chairman of the Finance Committee; Representative Fred Upton of Michigan, the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee; and Senator Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, a member of the Finance and Health committees.

One of the biggest reasons they decided to put their proposal forward is that they anticipate, as many people do, that the Roberts Court will gut the subsidies from the Affordable Care Act later this year.  Since almost everyone who will lose their subsidies, and therefore their insurance, are in Republican controlled states, they figured they better come up with something.  Plus…

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Department of Homeland Security Funding Is Just Another Lousy Tragic Comedy Produced By The Republican Party

5 Feb

Lean Left

Today is February 5, 2015.  I bring this little fact up because that means we have another 23 days before the Department of Homeland Security runs out of money.  Because the right-wing is so against the President’s Executive Orders on Immigration, they funded the Department of Homeland Security through February 28, 2015.  They figured they would be able to make the President back down from his EO about not deporting undocumented immigrants who have children or family members living in this country.

The Republicans went nuts over the Executive Order calling it free amnesty.  Of course that is total nonsense because there is no amnesty in the Executive Order.  As a matter of fact, the Order only for three years, and has a slew of hurdles these undocumented immigrants need to get over to become legal immigrants.  But, it was something Obama did, so it must be wrong and fought…

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