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SB 45 – send message to Brownback that KS should require training to own a gun

29 Mar

The Phrase “Religious Liberty” Used By Ted Cruz And The Cult Is Simply A Lie Used To Spread Hate

23 Mar

Lean Left

Well it is official, sort of.  Ted Cruz has announced that he is running for President in 2016.  At least he tweeted that he is running in 2016.  It is probably appropriate that he is the first to officially announce his candidacy.  I just wonder how many “birthers” are going to come out of the closet about his citizenship.  If one truly believes that you must be born inside the U.S. to run for President, they now have someone who was definitely not born inside the U.S. or even one of its territories.

But, that is not what this article is all about.  I said it is appropriate that he be the first to announce because he is the one who shouts the most about “liberty.”  Especially about “religious liberty.”  But of course, when he talks about “liberty” he doesn’t really mean personal liberty to be enjoyed by everyone.  He…

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I Hope You Like The Year 1890 Because That Is Where Republican Policies Are Taking Us

16 Mar

Lean Left

We are only two months into the new Congress that is controlled by the Republican Party.  There are several Republicans maneuvering to run for the White House in 2016.  The Republicans promised us that we would see “meaningful” legislation come out of Congress and those states they controlled.

Most of us knew what they meant by “meaningful” legislation, and in just two months, they have shown their true colors.  As most of us knew, the middle-class, the working poor, and the unemployed are not on the Republicans radar.  Unless of course, you count ruining their lives even more as part of being on their radar.

In Wisconsin the Governor managed to cram through his infamous “Right-to-work” legislation.  The real impact of this type of legislation is that it is the “right-to-work-for-less.”  In states that have passed so-called right-to-work legislation, the average worker makes at least $1500 less than in states that do…

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I Bet A Lot Of People On The Hill Are Deleting Personal Emails Lest They Become A Scandal Too

13 Mar

Lean Left

It is time I said something about the latest controversy – emails.  Since it came out that Hillary Clinton used a personal email address while Secretary of State, you would think that the entire world was set upside down.  There are some questions that do need to be answered that I believe are valid.  The major one is if the email server Clinton used is really secure.

Look, I know about maintaining classified material and secure communications.  If she used her personal email account and personal server for official business, then it must be made certain that the server has the proper security level necessary.  If not, it is possible that something may have been compromised, and that is not good.

On the other hand, the rest of this new controversy is total bullshit!  This is not defending Clinton.  It is merely making a point.  With the possible exception of Lindsey…

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I Believe That The Netanyahu Invite Only Proves Republicans Share His Fear Of Peace

2 Mar

Lean Left

Tomorrow Benjamin Netanyahu will give his speech to a joint session of Congress.  We have heard a lot of talk about the speech.  Boehner, who invited him, is defending his actions even thought he broke protocol in his invitation.  Democrats are furious about the speech with some threatening to boycott it.  Netanyahu’s opponents, and even some Israeli hawks are against the speech.

One has to wonder exactly what John Boehner is trying to accomplish with his invitation.  Some believe he is trying to help Netanyahu win his election that is being held in two weeks.  Some believe that he is just trying to “embarrass” the President.  Others believe it is an attempt to derail the nuclear talks with Iran.

After reading everything from both sides of the spectrum, I have come to the conclusion that John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak at a joint session of Congress because he does want…

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