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If Conservative Christians Were Really Pious, They Would Be Fighting Against Income Inequality Not Supporting It!

29 Apr

Lean Left

We have heard our Conservative Christian friends talk a whole lot about abortion and same-sex marriage.  Basically, they are against both.  Their concerns are based on religious beliefs and, in their opinion, should be banned from our planet, not just our country.

Let us assume for just one minute that these people actually have a religious belief based on the teachings of Jesus.  Don’t laugh, hear me out.  If these people do believe in the teachings of Jesus, why are they not crying loudly about another morally objectionable issue?  The idea of Income Inequality!

According to all four gospels of the new testament, Jesus taught that being rich does not get you into heaven.  He even said at one point “it is more difficult for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.”  Now, I am not…

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Today’s Conservatives Have Moved Timothy McVeigh’s Insurrectionist Idea Into Mainstream Politics

24 Apr

Lean Left

Twenty years ago, in Oklahoma City, a truck blew up next to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.  168 people were killed in that explosion, including many children who were at a daycare center in the building.  This was, at the time, the worst terrorist attack on American soil.  The terrorist was not a Muslim.  It was a crazed insurrectionist named Timothy McVeigh.

The anniversary of this horrific event passed this past Sunday.  And, hardly anyone noticed.  At the time of the bombing, I was working as a Security Manager and I actually knew people who worked in the building.  One person I knew as injured, and another was killed.  So, this anniversary means something to me.

Yet, as we watch the political landscape change over that 20 years, we are beginning to hear some of the very same words that McVeigh used to justify his bombing.  The problem is…

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The Mythical War On Christianity Is Really Radical Christianity Waging War On Democracy!

19 Apr

Lean Left

We have seen the headlines and we have heard the radical right claim that there is a war on Christians.  What better way to deflect your war on democracy than to put the blame on democracy?  If you really pay attention, that is exactly what is happening in this country right now.

A term you have probably never heard before, I am willing to use right now.  Our country, our very democracy, is under attack by a “Radical Christian Agenda!”  Yes, you have all heard a similar phrase used by the right against gays, blacks, liberals, etc.  As in “Radical Homosexual Agenda.”  The truth is, Radical Christians are the real villains who have a radical agenda that will fundamentally change our country.

The other day, Mike Huckabee told an Iowa news radio station the “military is waging war on Christians.”  Really?  The military is probably the most secular organization in the country. …

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Why Is There Never Criminal Prosecution When Banks And Financial Businesses Rip-Off Their Customers?

17 Apr

Lean Left

This has been going on seemingly forever.  Banks and other “financial” businesses seem to keep getting away with criminal behavior, because the Federal Government does nothing about it.  It is time for this to stop!

After the 2008 economic meltdown, caused almost entirely by rip-off artists in the banking and financial industries, no one went to jail.  Why?  Because the agencies that are supposed to protect us from these predators, are simply waiting for an offer to join them and make millions of dollars ripping us off.  That is why!

The Department of Education is supposedly in its final review of Navient.  Navient Corp. is an education loan giant.  The company got caught intentionally overcharging about 60,000 active-duty troops on federal and private student loans over nearly a decade.

The company, which neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing, agreed to pay $60 million to troops as part of its settlement…

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Corporate Welfare Spigot About To Be Opened Further While You Pay Your Taxes

8 Apr

Lean Left

We all like the word compromise when it comes to legislation.  Anytime a bill is introduced, the member sponsoring the bill loves to talk about how this bill has bipartisan support.  In theory, that is a good thing, right?  Well, not always.  Sometimes this bipartisan support is something that actually hurts Americans or, at the very least, rewards corporations for cheating in the first place.

There is just one bill that is making its way through the Congress right now.  That bill would offer a “Tax Holiday” to corporations who have been hiding money offshore so they don’t have to pay any taxes on it.  This is not the first time such a “Tax Holiday” has been introduced or passed either.

In 2004 a similar “Tax Holiday” was offered to corporations who have cheated on their taxes.  Amazingly, it was called “The American Job Creation Act.”  As with most “job creation” bills it…

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Government Sponsored Discrimination Now Lands In Arkansas

1 Apr

Arkansas is next up. At least their governor wants them to change the law before he’ll sign it, thanks to industry and voter public reaction. Discrimination excused by religion is unacceptable.

Lean Left

Arkansas passed a bill similar to the Indiana bill that has drawn harsh backlash.  Both bills would, in most people’s opinion allow businesses to discriminate against someone based on the business owner’s “religious beliefs.”    Indiana Governor Pence has asked for another bill that would take the possibility of discrimination out of the original.  Arkansas Governor Hutchinson is calling for a similar follow-up bill.

Both states argue that their bills mirror the 1993 Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  But, that really isn’t the case.  Just a little history here.  The federal bill came about from “liberals” because two native-Americans were fired from their jobs in Oregon as Drug Counselors because they used drugs in their religious ceremonies.

The Federal Act was intended to protect people from being fired from their jobs because of religious beliefs.  That is a very sound thought.  On the other hand, Jesse Helms, one of the most staunch…

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