Government Sponsored Discrimination Now Lands In Arkansas

1 Apr

Arkansas is next up. At least their governor wants them to change the law before he’ll sign it, thanks to industry and voter public reaction. Discrimination excused by religion is unacceptable.

Lean Left

Arkansas passed a bill similar to the Indiana bill that has drawn harsh backlash.  Both bills would, in most people’s opinion allow businesses to discriminate against someone based on the business owner’s “religious beliefs.”    Indiana Governor Pence has asked for another bill that would take the possibility of discrimination out of the original.  Arkansas Governor Hutchinson is calling for a similar follow-up bill.

Both states argue that their bills mirror the 1993 Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  But, that really isn’t the case.  Just a little history here.  The federal bill came about from “liberals” because two native-Americans were fired from their jobs in Oregon as Drug Counselors because they used drugs in their religious ceremonies.

The Federal Act was intended to protect people from being fired from their jobs because of religious beliefs.  That is a very sound thought.  On the other hand, Jesse Helms, one of the most staunch…

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