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All Of The Secrecy Surrounding The TPP Must Be Because The American Worker Is Going To Get Screwed Again!

5 May

Lean Left

I will admit, I have been relatively quiet about the Trans-Pacific Protocol (TPP) agreement.  This is not because I don’t have an opinion about it, it is because I just can’t get enough information about it to make an informed decision.  I have listened to each side of the equation and still can’t figure out what is in the damn thing.

I looked it up on the internet (I know the internet isn’t always the best place to do research, but it does help from time-to-time) and the only information I can get about the TPP is years old.  The President wants Congress to “fast-track” the TPP so there isn’t any debate about it on the floor.  He also says it is necessary to “harness” China.  He claims it is the TPP or China’s way.

That may all be true.  But, until we can actually read what is in the TPP…

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