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An Open Letter To John Boehner And Mitch McConnell: Tell Us What Is Your Big Health Care Plan!

26 Jun

Their big plan is to return to the non-plan that existed before the ACA.

Lean Left

Everyone who cares about the Affordable Care Act, and those who desperately oppose it were all waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling in King v. Burwell.  Well, yesterday it came down.  The court in a somewhat surprising 6-3 vote ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Naturally, the conservative wing went absolutely nuts.  Even the Republican Party announced that it was “firing” Chief Justice Roberts over his decision to back the Act.  There has been weeping and gnashing of teeth all across the right-wing.  Mike Huckabee, that ever-loving Christian Minister who wants to be president, said it was just another step in the direction of America becoming a “Banana Republic.”

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell suffered apoplexy attacks.  They vowed to “repeal Obamacare” no matter what it takes.  They are now going to strategize just what they will do next to repeal the Affordable Care Act, probably using budgetary…

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Republicans Hate Government Interference Unless They Are The Ones Interfering With Your Life Choices

16 Jun

Small government conservatives just love Big Brother and having control of your bedroom.

Lean Left

There is a new budget proposal that Republicans are saying will save the government $4 Billion dollars.  They claim this money should be used for “more important programs” that will benefit the American People.  Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole said:  “This is a fiscally responsible bill that reduces discretionary spending by nearly $4 billion.  At the same time, by carefully reprioritizing where taxpayer dollars are spent, the bill increases funding for important programs that benefit the American people.”

That all sounds great.  Except, there is a major problem with Cole’s statement, and the proposal being put forth.  This “savings” will be at the expense of 4.7 million low-income people who rely on Title X for their preventative health services.  What it essentially does is kill Title X by taking away all of its funding.

Title X became official in 1970, under that great Republican Richard Nixon.  It helps connect these 4.7…

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“Religious Belief” has Now Become An Official Excuse For Government Officials To Disobey The Very Laws They Swore To Uphold

15 Jun

Lean Left

Every person who serves in public office, a judgeship, or any other government job is required to take an Oath of Office.  That Oath of Office varies depending on which position you are going to serve in.  When I joined the Coast Guard all those years ago, I took an Oath as well.

In that Oath, I swore to “defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  I also swore to uphold all “legal commands” issued by senior authority and uphold the laws of the U.S.  This oath has been issued to service members for as long as I can remember, and far longer than that.

Even the President of the United States is required to take an oath as well.  I don’t know of a single position in federal, state, county, or local employment that is not required to take a similar…

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Why Our Changing Society Really Scares Conservatives

12 Jun

Lean Left

We hear it from conservatives all of the time.  They are terrified that America is becoming too “Socialist.”  But, what is it about socialism that really scares these conservatives so much?  As a matter of fact, what are the really talking about when they try to scare Americans about Socialism.

Well, I believe these views are all stemming from F.A. Hayek’s classic polemic, “The Road to Serfdom.”  In this tome, it is said that any government planning would lead to a totalitarian state.  Of course, that “government planning” he talked about was the New Deal.  Somehow, his view never did come to pass.

You must also consider that conservatives are really split into two groups of anti-socialists.  The first group is sure that a Stalin-type of socialism is headed our way.  Problem is, if you really look at Stalin-type of socialism, it really wasn’t “socialism” it was dictatorship.  I don’t care…

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Is Kansas A Tea Party Experiment, A Fascist State Experiment Or Both?

9 Jun

They appear to be making great strides in protecting the interests of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else on a regular basis. This must stop.

Lean Left

Ever since Sam Brownback became Governor of Kansas the media has called it a “Tea Party Experiment” that was supposed to show just how great everything would be if taxes were slashed.  The “experiment” so far has failed miserably.  The State Budget is in crisis.  School funding is being slashed.  And, the most important part of the Tea Party Experiment, job creation, is lagging everyone.

But, if have been watching closely, there is more to this “experiment” than meets the eye.  I am beginning to wonder if fascism isn’t what is really behind Brownback’s agenda.  Rather than face up to the failed policies he has instituted, he would rather “bully” and “threaten” other branches of government.  This has been directed towards the judicial branch.

Whether you are talking about the U.S. Constitution or any State Constitution, there are definite separation of powers in government.  There is an Executive Branch, Legislative…

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Fairy Tale Of The Year: Republican “Replacement” Plan To The Affordable Care Act.

2 Jun

Lean Left

In a few weeks the U.S. Supreme Court will hand down its ruling in King v. Burwell.  This is the case that will decide the future of the Affordable Care Act.  In the case, it is argued that tax subsidies offered to low-income people when getting health care cannot be offered to anyone who does not go through a “state-run exchange.”  Meaning people who live in Republican controlled states that refused to establish a state-run exchange will lose their subsidies.

What it means is that approximately 9 million people will lose their health care coverage overnight.  But, that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Once the subsidies are gone, health insurance rates in the 34 states that refused to set up their own exchanges will also rise dramatically.  Some estimate that rates will double as a result of a favorable decision for the right-wing.

Most pundits are arguing this kind…

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