Is Kansas A Tea Party Experiment, A Fascist State Experiment Or Both?

9 Jun

They appear to be making great strides in protecting the interests of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else on a regular basis. This must stop.

Lean Left

Ever since Sam Brownback became Governor of Kansas the media has called it a “Tea Party Experiment” that was supposed to show just how great everything would be if taxes were slashed.  The “experiment” so far has failed miserably.  The State Budget is in crisis.  School funding is being slashed.  And, the most important part of the Tea Party Experiment, job creation, is lagging everyone.

But, if have been watching closely, there is more to this “experiment” than meets the eye.  I am beginning to wonder if fascism isn’t what is really behind Brownback’s agenda.  Rather than face up to the failed policies he has instituted, he would rather “bully” and “threaten” other branches of government.  This has been directed towards the judicial branch.

Whether you are talking about the U.S. Constitution or any State Constitution, there are definite separation of powers in government.  There is an Executive Branch, Legislative…

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