Why Our Changing Society Really Scares Conservatives

12 Jun

Lean Left

We hear it from conservatives all of the time.  They are terrified that America is becoming too “Socialist.”  But, what is it about socialism that really scares these conservatives so much?  As a matter of fact, what are the really talking about when they try to scare Americans about Socialism.

Well, I believe these views are all stemming from F.A. Hayek’s classic polemic, “The Road to Serfdom.”  In this tome, it is said that any government planning would lead to a totalitarian state.  Of course, that “government planning” he talked about was the New Deal.  Somehow, his view never did come to pass.

You must also consider that conservatives are really split into two groups of anti-socialists.  The first group is sure that a Stalin-type of socialism is headed our way.  Problem is, if you really look at Stalin-type of socialism, it really wasn’t “socialism” it was dictatorship.  I don’t care…

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