Have A Nice Summer – With Budget Crisis Looming It Will Certainly Be A Lousy Autumn

7 Jul

Lean Left

It is July 7, 2015 and Congress has returned to session from their Fourth of July break.  There are a lot of things that need to be done before October.  Now, to some that may seem a long way away.  But since Congress isn’t known for working at breakneck speed, that is really not far away.

However, the Highway and Transportation Fund is about to run out of money a whole lot faster.  As you may have known, I took a trip back to Chicago over the weekend to help celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday.  I drove through 5 states each way.  Let me tell you, the roads in the country are getting worse and worse, and nothing is really being done about it.

When I was driving on the Interstate System, I must admit that I had smoother rides on board ship in 15 foot seas than I had…

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