This Vet Says Take Your Bumper Sticker Saying “Support Our Troops” And Shove It!

21 Jul

Absolutely correct. Supporting our troops includes supporting them after they leave the service. Veterans deserve more support than these chicken hawks are willing to provide when it comes time to fund the VA, among other things.

Lean Left

If that headline makes you angry, you aren’t even close to the rage I have right now.  We have seen them everywhere.  “Support our troops” stickers, magnets, slogans are all around us.  But, I have to say that hardly anyone really means it.  I am sticking to that comment.  To tell you the truth, I am one really pissed off veteran.

The other day the Donald started a ruckus when he said John McCain wasn’t a “hero” because he was “captured.”  He went on to say that “I like those who weren’t captured.”  It only proves that Trump has no idea what it is to serve.  But, of course, Trump never did serve so he wouldn’t know anything about it.

I have the same feeling for the vast majority of politicians, candidates, and ordinary people.  They have no idea what it is to serve, but yet they want you to…

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