The Stupidity In Kentucky Is Highlighting The Very Dangerous Motives Of The Conservative Christian Cult

5 Sep

We need to halt the right wing “Christian” doublespeak of intolerance.

Lean Left

Kim Davis woke up this morning in jail.  According to the reports I read, the judge in the case did everything he could to NOT put this woman in jail.  He even told her that if she stayed quiet, and did not interfere with her deputies issuing same-sex marriage licenses he would not put her in jail.  She refused and he sentenced her to jail in contempt of court.

Naturally, the Conservative Christian Cult went nuts.  The tweets and the statements from people like Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and others were staggering.  Of course, this all amounts to the government wanting to put all Christians in jail and “outlaw” the Christian Faith.

But, what is really going on is something far more sinister and far more dangerous.  The Christian Cult is gearing up for their own version of a “holy war” against everyone else.  As long as they have martyr’s…

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