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Basic Income Guarantee

20 Oct

Rcooley123's Blog

In these times when budget discussions in Washington seem to always revolve around how to cut programs designed to alleviate poverty by meeting specific needs such as housing, health care and food, perhaps the time has come to address all such anti-poverty programs in a more comprehensive fashion. One such proposal which has been around for years but never really gained much momentum in this country is the idea of a Basic Income Guarantee. One form this could take would be to pay each adult a set amount of money each month to meet basic needs, regardless of employment status or wealth.

Currently, Switzerland is in the process of setting a national referendum to vote on a guaranteed monthly income of $2800 per adult. The amount distributed to each person would obviously be a big bone of contention in any such policy discussion, but the main point is that it…

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Image of the Day: WTF is wrong with Americans?

13 Oct

Higher education without enormous student debt. The world didn’t even end. What a concept!

The Secular Jurist

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The University Protest That Should Definitely Go National To Stop The Lies Of Gun Nuts!

12 Oct

Lean Left

A little background before we get to the meat of the matter.  In the past week, we have seen four more shootings at schools in our country.  One was in Oregon, one was in Arizona, one was in Texas, and one was in Florida.  The shooting in Oregon resulted in several deaths.  The one in Arizona resulted in one death.  The one in Texas resulted in three deaths.  The one in Florida did not result in a death, but the shooter, a football player, targeted a dorm building.

Also in the past week, we saw a Christian Terrorist Act masquerading as a “protest” against Muslim Mosques.  The “protest” fizzled out in most places, but in Phoenix, AZ there were about 130 people who showed up.  The reason I call this a Christian Terrorist Act masquerading as a “protest” is because many of the protesters showed up carrying weapons.

Arizona does have open…

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