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What Will Happen If Republicans Gain Control Of The Government?

31 Dec

We need to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Lean Left

We have spoken a lot about the Republican’s lack of policy in the upcoming elections.  We have talked about their fight against the Voting Rights Bill, their battle to turn women back into second-class citizens, their utter loathing of gays, and their total hate towards all minorities.

But, if you really want to know what America will be like if they gain control of both houses and the White House, you only need look to Flint, MI.

The Republican State Legislature there passed a bill that takes control away from cities, towns, etc., if they are facing budget crises.  They took control away from Detroit, which made several headlines.  Of course, in order to close the crisis in that city, they cut pensions of city government employees.

Apparently, Flint was also in a budget crisis.  As a result, the Governor, Rick Snyder, appointed a “Manager” to run the city.  Remember, these “Managers”…

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Gun Violence – Prayer is Not Enough

6 Dec

Envisioning The American Dream

collage Gun Violence mass shooting in America list and Uncle Sam praying Uncle Sam need to get off his knees and take action. Prayers are not a political policy. San Bernardino joins the much too long list of mass shootings in recent American history and as usual Republican Presidential candidates and congressional lawmakers alike rushed to send out their “thoughts and prayers” but continue to fail to act to end gun violence. Collage by Sally Edelstein

Saying prayers is not enough.

Our Congressional leaders need to get up off their knees and do something about gun violence.

Offering prayers but failing to act to end gun violence make their prayers ring hollow.

We need to take meaningful legislative action that truly brings meaning to our prayers and make a consequential difference in the lives of Americans.

Here We Go Again

The routines are numbingly familiar by now.

Every time a mass shooting happens, lawmakers immediately offer “thoughts and prayers” as they have…

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