Guns, Democracy and the American Way

11 Apr

Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage Illustration 1956 Monument to American Freedom For many Americans a gun represents the heart of our nation’s foundation and identity and symbol of their freedom and democracy but on this cold war creed of American rights, gun ownership was noticeably absent.

What you may ask, is more fundamental to the American Way of Life than a gun? Who could argue that gleaming AK 47 automatic rifle is a shining and powerful example of our basic rights which protect the dignity and freedom of the individual?

In fact, most would agree the right to keep and bear arms is written in stone.

Or is it?

A cold war Credo of the “American Way of Life”  that highlighted all the freedoms and rights unique to democracy didn’t deem it necessary to include gun ownership in their patriot doctrine.

This full-page color illustration that ran in Family Circle Magazine in 1956 was the visual embodiment of this Credo of…

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One Response to “Guns, Democracy and the American Way”

  1. Robert A. Vella April 11, 2018 at 9:36 pm #

    It is tragically unfortunate that public debates such as gun rights versus gun control polarize people into taking extremist positions. These examples of two-dimensional thinking both stifle social progress and divide the nation along ideological lines.

    The logical path forward is neither to confiscate all firearms nor to prohibit all regulation. Common sense gun control measures won’t undermine the 2nd Amendment, and allowing for gun ownership won’t return America back to Wild West lawlessness.

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