Who Cares Which Democrat Comes Out on Top?

29 Dec

Thoughts to ponder as we enter another year with Donald J. Trump at the helm. – evd


The new Congress will not be sworn in until after the New Year, but, at long last, the results of the 2018 midterm elections are finalized and certified. It looked good for Democrats from the moment the polls closed on Election Day; it looks even better now. The “blue wave” Democrats were hoping for, along with everyone else aware of the clear and present danger Donald Trump poses, materialized; the Trump Party got schlonged.

Source: Who Cares Which Democrat Comes Out on Top?

One Response to “Who Cares Which Democrat Comes Out on Top?”

  1. Robert A. Vella December 29, 2018 at 8:58 pm #

    Andrew Levine’s rambling and unfocused editorial makes a few good points such as the inherent problems of America’s two-party dominated presidential system (as opposed to parliamentary systems), and he correctly sees Sherrod Brown as a true progressive; but, it misrepresents (perhaps purposefully) the nation’s cultural and political climate, disparages public officials (e.g. Special Counsel Robert Mueller) who are trying very hard to do the right thing, and – most of all – paints a negative image of America with an incredibly broad brush. Specifically:

    There are distressingly many bona fide U.S. citizens who do not acknowledge or even understand how much of a menace Trump is. According to some polls, roughly two out of every five Americans haven’t a clue.

    It is understandable that, when he ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, some voters thought Trump the lesser evil. They were wrong, but not crazy. Supporting Trump now, after so much about him has become clearer, is crazy. It defies understanding.

    That is totally inaccurate. The two of five Americans he cited aren’t clueless about Trump, they are in reality pushing Trump from behind to be an even more combative authoritarian than he’d otherwise be. His base supporters despise democracy, pluralism, secularism, and ethnic diversity. Their ideology is inherently fascist to which a great many of them would openly admit.

    Furthermore, Trump wasn’t elected in 2016 because voters saw him as the lesser of two evils. Far from it. The 2016 election culminated from a wave of populist discontent from traditional working class people who have been disaffected by the neoliberal economic policies (i.e. corporate globalization) pursued across western democracies by the likes of Ronald Reagan, George Bush, the Clintons, and Barack Obama. Trump simply exploited this discontent even though he was and still is a faux populist.

    Levine’s characterization of America’s anti-Trump opposition as Russophobic exposes his editorial perspective. As bad as the situation in the U.S. is, it is nowhere near as bad as in Russia. Under the de facto dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, ordinary people have no say in government whatsoever. They live under the Machiavellian whims of a police state strongman whose henchmen are a thoroughly corrupt group of oligarchs. Trump sees himself as a Putin Mini-Me, and that is exactly what he’ll do if Americans let him. Hopefully, they won’t.

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