Lucy With The Football?

23 Jan

They have earned our scepticism through years of obstruction and obfuscation. Their total lack of any empathy for anyone not filling their campaign coffers should make this “promise” no more credible than any of their previous lies when it comes to immigration reform.

Mike the Mad Biologist

Assuming nothing goes (or has gone) off the rails by the time you read this, the government shutdown has ended with an agreement for a three week continuing resolution and a promise by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. To the extent there was a deal done, the child health insurance program, CHIP, was extended for six years (something Republicans claimed they wanted done anyway).

The best case scenario is that a good immigration bill is passed in the Senate that deals with the Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status immigrants (TPS) humanely. It then goes to the House where Ryan and the Freedom Caucus (band name!) are forced to either pass the bill and piss off the white nationalist wing of the Republican Party or shutdown the government.

But there’s a problem: Sen. Mitch McConnell has to be an honest player here. I have doubts (boldface mine):

As I write…

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There Is No Democracy In The US Empire!

3 Jan

If there is, it is definitely heavily sedated. – EVD

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By Rivera Sun/Dandelion Salad

Global Crises Demand Cooperation Not Competition

10 Dec

What a concept!


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What I Signed Up For: Reflections on “What I Signed Up For”

20 Oct

Wonder how our President would respond to this.

Padre Steve's World...Musings of a Progressive Realist in Wonderland

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I enlisted in the Army National Guard about the same time I entered the Army ROTC program at UCLA in August 1981. When I enlisted I did so knowing that if I successfully got through all of my training that I would not only put myself in harms way, but be responsible for the life of the soldiers who served under my command. Back then there was much to worry about. The Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan, the Middle East was in turmoil following the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, while it appeared that the United States and the Soviet Union were on the precipice of a war which could destroy the world.

Once I was commissioned and stationed in Germany, all of my training, and all of our war plans had my house in the middle of…

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NBA champion coach whose dad was assassinated by terrorists destroys Trump’s fake patriotism – Shareblue

25 Sep

If I thought it would mean anything to him, or if he’d even read it, I would send this to our President. – EVD

Source: NBA champion coach whose dad was assassinated by terrorists destroys Trump’s fake patriotism – Shareblue

The Catastrophic Impact of Climate Change on Developing Countries by Graham Peebles + Biological Annihilation

6 Aug

Source: The Catastrophic Impact of Climate Change on Developing Countries by Graham Peebles + Biological Annihilation


Not our problem, right, Mr. Trump?

Liberal Outrage = Trump Success?

19 May

Trump will ultimately fail to achieve his promised economic relief for the middle and working class folks who put him over the top in the electoral college. I hope it doesn’t take eight years of his antics to make this apparent to enough people. We deserve better government than what he and the GOP Congress have provided to date.


West Virginia Trump supporters

A number of Trump supporters read my blog and I’m curious about your thoughts on a question I have.

After Trump’s election I had hoped that he would at least help the working class, as promised.

Yet he has sided with the elite on every major issue:

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